Friday, May 17, 2013

Rebekah's Mother's Day Card

  1. First I drew me and my mummy and then I drew my imagination.
  2. I coloured them in.  It took me about two or three days.
  3. I got my ruler and my pencil and three colours.  I used my ruler with my blue colouring vivid.  I used my pencil to write my words.  Then I traced my words with my red and green vivids.
    Then I rubbed the pencil work out.
  4. I drew a picture of a girl.
  5. I folded it in half and my mummy loved it.

1 comment:

ClassCheese said...

Hey,great Mothers day card we really liked the picture great effort to make your mum happy ,like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Conor and Luc