Saturday, May 11, 2013

Milind's Gift

Milind decided that when his family had some plants they no longer wanted he could donate them to the school.  With Mr Iain's help they are now planted and help make our school look wonderful.  What a great idea Milind!  Thank you.
This is what the area looked like before the planting.
What a difference the new plants make!


Logan Pentiah said...

Well done Milind, charitable thought,
Looks great in the school garden. Keep it up. Your grand-parents.

Logan Pentiah said...

Well done Milind, very thoughtful, The plants looks great in the school garden. Louis

Anonymous said...

Well done Miland, that's incredible that you though of making your school greener. It looks great. Your cousins are very proud of you all the way from Cape Town. #goodonyou

Anonymous said...

Lexy and Austin says that they also want to make their school greener after seeing you on this website.

Anonymous said...

WOW Miland, I'm impressed. Keep up your enthusiam

Rose Rosie said...

Well Done Miland!
From South Africa