Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Rabbit Ice Creams

Sherry bought us ice cream so we could make these cute Easter rabbits heading into their rabbit holes.
You can view and print these photos on our school website.  Click on the link here.


Nicholas said...

Our Easter Rabbit ice creams were delicious and it was very cute.

Gracie said...

Yummy Gleyns I love those biscuts your the best teacher ever thanks for making those with me I realy liked them,I would love to make them again.


Olivia said...

Those were yummy Glenys.Thank you Sherry for bringing the ice cream.

Brendan said...

Yum!!! those Easter Rabbit ice-creams were the best ice-creams I have ever tasted. Thank you Glenys for making everyone a wonderful day. I enjoyed eating the ice-cream.

Jessie said...

yummey it was delicious thanks for giving us ice cream.The bunney was cute

Zaafirah said...

The Easter bunny ice-cream was delicious! What an amazing idea to make them, Glenys.