Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Tomorrow is ANZAC Day and we have been learning why we have a holiday.
ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.  In 1915, on the 25th of April,  the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed on a beach on the Gallipoli Peninsula in a country called Turkey.
We remember the people who died or went to war so that we could live happily in New Zealand.
Red poppies are a sign of respect and remembrance and we wear them on ANZAC Day to remember people who served in war time.
People made ANZAC biscuits to send on ships to the soldiers fighting in countries far, far away.  The biscuits stayed fresh for weeks and the soldiers sometimes made them into porridge or dipped them in their tea.
Al brought a medal to show us from World War 2.  It belonged to her great-uncle.  She will be wearing it a tomorrow's ANZAC parade at the Swanson RSA.
We made a wreath for our ANZAC display.

We will remember them.

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CheesyUK said...

I love this Anzac display - especially the wreath too. Your work looks amazing room 21!