Saturday, March 5, 2011

Red and Black Day

We have posted a google doc to share our thoughts and feelings on Red and Black Day.  It was our first time collaborating simultaneously on a google doc so we had some interesting things happen. We have all included our comments now so please click on the image to open a larger version that you will be able to read.
Here is a photo of Muriwai Pod in our Red and Black Clothes.


Emily said...

that is really nice of you sps superstars I think if someone in christchurch reads this it WILL brighten there day


Miss Baker said...

Hi there Summerland superstars! I think your blog and your teacher are both great! I have linked it to our blog and my class will check back regularly to see what you are up to!
Well done for the fantastic support of Christchurch, I know they appreciate it!
LZ6 Mission Heights Primary

Miss Signal said...

You have thought carefully about how your money will help people in Christchurch. Great job SPS Superstars! Miss Signal

Mrs P said...

Hi there
You have been a very busy class this year. I was very impressed with your comments and thoughts on the Christchurch earthquake, they were very supportive and caring. I have included your blog on our year 3 blog at Meadowbank School and we look forward to visiting and leaving comments about your learning.
Thanks Mrs Pittaway