Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Muriwai Pod at Point Erin

Room 21 are learning to write entertaining recounts.  Here is our class recount about Muriwai’s trip to Pt Erin.
Fun in the Sun!

Yippee, today we get to go to Pt Erin Pools.  Muriwai Pod was setting out for a relaxing day, where we could get to know each other and have fun in the sun.  The bus arrived.  “Awesome!” we said, “We get to travel all together in a bouncy, bendy bus.”

When we arrived we walked around the pools excitedly.  The water shimmered in the sunlight and sparkled like blue diamonds.  We got changed and splash, into the water we jumped.  The big kids got to dive and slide into the deep, diving pool.  We got to slide in the green tunnel slide.  Miss Cheeseman took photos as we shot out of the tunnel and sploshed into the water.  Miss Davies bombed off the high diving board… BOOM!  The gigantic coloured beach ball was heaps of fun.  Thanks Andy’s Dad for buying it for us.

The playground was magnificent.  We could swing on the spiral tyre and dangle like monkeys on the flying fox.  Hanging like a sloth on the wavy monkey bars was super fun.  While we were on the playground a mammoth sized penguin arrived.  He spoke to us and gave us a hug.

Sadly it was time to go.  It was the best school trip ever.


Abigail Meads said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow glenys I wish i was in your class again.from Tia.