Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Book Parade

On Friday the 18th of June, Summerland had a book character parade in the hall. We got dressed up as a character in a book. We showed our costumes off to the whole school with all the classes in Piha Pod. We did a pose when we got to the front of the runway. At the end we all danced to 'Baby' by Justin Beiber. The teachers got dressed up too.
All the costumes were awesome!


Miss Signal said...

You've got some great costumes! I love that some of you brought your books to share as well. I thought Book Character day was another great Summerland event - I can't wait for next years day!
Miss Signal

Leija said...

WOW!!!!!! you guys & girls have such great outfits i wish i could have them i really like harry potter and the pirate that looks great hahahahahaha