Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our Solar System

As part of our learning this term we have researched part of the solar system. Here are some of our posters.


mitchell said...

Hi it's Mitchell from 27 here I just wanted to say I like your space stories about Neptune,The Sun,Jupiter,Earth and Saturn.I didn't know that saturn was 886 million miles or 1426 million kilometres from the sun.

Fahim said...

Hi it's Fahim from rm27 . Good writing rm2 i didn't know that you could fit a 1000 earth's inside keep up the good work !

Fun Fact : 1 day in mercury is 58 days on earth .

mitchell said...
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SPS Superstars said...

Thank you for reading our posters Room 27 - we love getting comments!
Glenys and Room 2

Charity Cartland said...

Great job on your blog students! I especially like your Solar System projects. I am going to show some students in Wisconsin your blog as an example of what they can do!