Sunday, June 21, 2015

Growth Mindset

We have been talking about how we can grow our brain and become smarter. Having a growth mindset can help us do this. Watch this video from the University of California.


Billie Fiona said...

Hi room 2 its Billie and Fiona from room 27 this video helped us learn about training our brain and never give up and the pictures helped us a lot we both enjoyed it.From Billie and Fiona in room 27.

SPS Superstars said...

Thank you for reading our blog Billie and Fiona.

harry oh said...

Hi Rm 2 its Harry from room 27 hope you had a GREAT DAY making that video. that video helped me to never give up. It showed me that the nerves in my brain make me stronger. Thank you for telling us to never give up. From Harry oh in room 27.