Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's Science Week!

Bethells Pod were thinking and acting like scientists and working on four different science activities.


Anonymous said...

Dear SPS Superstars,

Based on the science experiments, we (Famke and Areta) like your comic strips.

Famke and I love your pictures and borders. We love it. It is great.

From Areta and Famke

Anonymous said...

Hi, our names are Sayu and Ananya.
The blog looks colorful! I like how you structured your experiment, with photos and explaining how it went. It was great!

How long did the experiment take? Was it easy or hard? We think your teamwork was great!

From Sayu and Ananya

Anonymous said...

Science Week!
Hi. I'm Brad and my brother is Nicholas. We are also doing science at school. We both love science. It is cool because you find out new things. Did you Know that we did something like the first balloon experiment on the first comic strip.
from Brad and Nicholas

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is May.
I like all the pictures and how you all
worked together like a good team!
The science experiment was really good.
Have you done any other science experiments?
Did you all like that science experiment?
It looks really fun!

Hi my name is Ava.
Your science experiment looks really fun.
Why don't you know what type gas was in the bottle?
Did you do research before you did the
science experiment?

Aria said...

Hi Nice to know that you used team work and to know that you described about how it was.

Azariah said...

Hi Room 2. It looks like you had a blast. It was cool that there was a chemical reaction to make the balloon inflate through the vinegar and baking soda. Do you wonder anything about what you did?

Fiona said...

Hi Room 2 we also did this in our class. Looks like you had a great time.

From Fiona in room 27

Anonymous said...

Hi Rm2 its Harry here. I hope you had a GREAT TIME making the ballon inflate, I bet the measuring was the hardest part of all. But next time can you write the Materials.

from Harry