Thursday, August 28, 2014

Parth Plays Soccer

Parth plays soccer (whoops we mean football) at Oratia United.  He passed three skills tests and got a medal and a certificate. Way to go Parth!


Anonymous said...

Hi Parth,
Great effort on getting that medal and certificate! I am sure you enjoy this sport and you are very good at it. I can see you are very happy about it!

From Tamanna

From Melbourne, Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Parth
well done for your skills award I haven't even get an award like that you must be really good at soccer.

from Isabella( Melbourne, Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hi Parth,
congratulations on an amazing
achievement. Passing three skill tests are amazing. keep it up Parth.

From Charlie in Melbourne Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Parth,
you must be very good at
winning medals in soccer.

how many times have you won games
of soccer?

from Jett

in melbourne

Anonymous said...

Hey Parth,

You must be very good at soccer to get that shiny medal and that skills award.

How long have you been playing soccer for?
I also like soccer.

From Amelie (Melbourne, Australia)

Anonymous said...

Hi Parth,

Very Good.... but Keep it up.... long way to go...

Devu Mama