Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sir Edmund Hillary

For Milind's last home learning challenge he gave a presentation of Sir Edmund Hillary's life.

He included these facts and more!

Sir Edmund Hillary
·      Sir Edmund Hillary was an explorer and mountain climber
·      He was the first to climb Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
·      Sir Ed was born in Auckland on 20th July 1919
·      He started climbing when he was 16 years old
·      He climbed his first large mountain when he was 20 and continued exploring and climbing mountains
The Everest Expedition
·      400 people were in the group to climb Mt Everest
Climbing Everest
·      To climb the mountain, they did it in stages 
·      It helped them to get use to the height and air
·      But at each stage, not every one carried on
Hillary’s Step
·      On 29 May 1953 Sir Ed and Tenzing got their chance to climb to the top of the mountain
·      But the biggest problem they had was a huge rock wall
·      They needed to climb the rock wall to get to the top
·      The rock wall is now named Hillary’s Step
The Top of the Mountain
·      Sir Ed and Tenzing made it to the top of the mountain
·      But they could only stay for a few minutes because the air is thin
·      The thin air makes it hard to breathe
After Everest
·      After climbing Mt Everest Sir Ed went to the South Pole in 1958
·      They were the third group to go to the South Pole
·      But they were the first one’s to use motor vehicles to do it
New Zealand Air Force
·      Sir Ed was also a navigator with the New Zealand Royal Air Force during World War 2
Knighted by Queen Elizabeth
·      The Queen made him a knight
·      That is why we call him Sir
Sir Edmund’s Books
·      Sir Ed wrote books about his adventures
High Adventure
No Latitude for Error
The Crossing of Antarctica
New Zealand $5 note
·      Sir Ed Hillary is on New Zealand’s five dollar note


Khaleel the brainiac said...

Hi Glenys! I can still remember this from last year. It was so awesome! I liked it.

Hope Glenys still remember me,

Khaleel the brainiac said...

Hi room 28.I was in Glenys's class last year. I can remember this from last year.Milind is my friend and in my class this year.I really liked it.