Monday, April 8, 2013

Olivia's Giving

On Friday Olivia shared her giving home learning challenge with us.  She went to an abandoned orchard and picked the apples to donate to the Salvation Army.  Well done Olivia, we are proud of your kind, caring actions.


Anonymous said...

Hi room 7 What big apples you have. I hope you like my comment .
from Emma Rm 14

Lisa Cuttriss said...

What a really thoughtful thing to do Olivia. I am sure the Salvation Army loved receiving all those boxes of apples. I wonder what they did with them all?

SPS Superstars said...

Dear Mrs Cuttriss,
We loved hearing from you - everyone was very excited. Maybe they made apple pie, stewed apple, apple juice or just ate crunchy apples.
Love from Room 9, 2013.