Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who was our mystery reader?

Today we welcomed our first mystery reader into Room 9.  We had some clues to help us discover who it was going to be.
~ Born in Hastings
~ Loves to dance and sing but says they are not that good... keep trying!
~ Loves to watch sports and their favourite rugby team is Counties Manukau
~ Is an early childhood teacher
~ Has five children who have all been to Summerland Primary
Who could that be?
Thanks for coming Andrea!


Khaleel said...

It was difficult to guess the mystery reader. The stories were very funny.

SPS Superstars said...

Great job Khaleel - you are the first to comment on our blog this year!

Miss Signal said...

Wow! What a great idea Superstars! I can't wait to find out who your next mystery readers are. Thank you for sharing your learning on your blog. Room 7 are learning to blog too, so I will share your blog with them this week.
Miss Signal