Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lester and Clyde

We read Lester and Clyde by James Reece.  We thought about the message in the story and decided that we should –
  • Clean up ponds
  • Put rubbish in a bin 
  • Recycle cans and rubbish
  • Share the environment unselfishly
  • Use the environment carefully
  • Keep the environment clean
  • Respect other creatures and their homes


Zeenat said...

Cool Lester and Clyde display. Those frogs look awesome.

Miss Signal said...

What great Frogs. When I was a little kid this story was one of my favourite! It has such an awesome message to the story. I really liked the message you got from the story about sharing the environment unselfishly! What a great idea to take from the story. Thanks for sharing your learning Superstars! Miss Signal