Thursday, April 14, 2011

Helping Christchurch Girls Brigade

I am part of the 10th Waitakere Girls Brigade.  We wanted to help the 29th Christchurch Girls Brigade because their meeting place at Beckenham Baptist Church, was destroyed by the earthquake.
our group decided to put some money, things and small toys in a shoebox to send down to them in Christchurch.
The first week at my Girls Brigade, I gave all my pocket money.
The second week, I gave 10 cents.
One of my best friends, Rebecca, gave heaps of stuff.  She gave stickers, magnets and photo frames.
One of the older girls gave a pad of colourful paper.
We got $44 and some cents.  But I don't remember how much.  We also made a card and we took a photo of all of us to put on it.

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Kiani said...

Good work Abigail! Thats so nice of you to help others in the country.