Wednesday, February 16, 2011

World's Best Drummer at Summerland School

Suddenly the bell rang.  At last it was time to get ready to go to the hall for the Dylan Elise show.  We were all excited because we were going to see the best drummer ever.
First Dylan introduced himself and talked to us about beat.  We got to play some drum beats with our hands and knees.  We were very good!
Next Dylan played us some Jazz and Rock tunes.  We could see how he played the drums with his hands and feet on a big screen.  He could flip his drum sticks while still keeping the beat... AWESOME!  Dylan then talked to us about the names of the different drums he was using.  There was a snare drum, Mr Top Hat (that's two cymbals on a stand) and the bass drum.
Finally it was our turn to perform.  We split into two groups with a drum beat and chant.  Next we put the parts together to create a song.  Dylan got the teachers to dance along with us.  They were pretty good.
We thought Dylan was fantastic and wish he could come back to Summerland School again.

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