Friday, September 3, 2010

Gabe's Bull Skull

Today Gabe had some awesome news!  When he went to his Grandpa's house in Kerikeri he came back to Henderson, Auckland with a huge skull.  It is very heavy.  He is going to put it on his fort.  We asked him what kind of animal it was and who killed it.  It had a bullet hole at the top.  We also wanted to know where the meat, brains and eyes were.


Anawhata All Stars said...

That is a very interesting artifact Gabe. Have you thought about where you are going to hang the skull in your fort?

Mrs Edwards-Knauf

twentyonesps said...

Hey that is huge news it looks awesome!!!
Will you be able to bring it over to room 21 some.
we would be excited to see it.

By Marcus