Monday, May 24, 2010

Sasha and Kirsten's News

On Saturday I went to Tennis prize giving.  My mini trophy is for 'Best Beginner Girl'.  I got a certificate with it and we had a really good time.  My sister, Lauryn, got three certificates and two trophies.  My brother, Dominic, got a mini trophy and certificate for the 'Best Beginner Boy'.  On the same day I lost a tooth.  It had really sharp roots.
I went on a trip to Wellington because it was my brother's birthday and a business trip for Dad.  I liked going to Te Papa and we got to have stickers on our t-shirts.  We went on an airplane - the food was yummy.

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Room 20 said...

Good work for getting the trophy!!! Room 20 enjoyed reading your stories Kirsten and Sasha!