Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art Day

On Friday the 23rd of April Room 6 Superstars went to the Art Room to learn how to make self portraits with our awesome art teacher Mrs Shepherd.
First we learnt how to sketch a three dimensional face.  Mrs Shepherd showed us what the tricks were and made an example for us to learn from.
After morning tea we used yellow paint and painted our face guidelines with whisper lines.  When we were happy with our face we made the lines darker.
Mrs Shepherd taught us how to blend paint and we painted our background using colours that showed if we were happy or sad.  Did you know that artists use their paintings to tell us a story?
Next we painted our faces with a skin colour.  Then we used shadows to show our facial features.  We still have lots to do on our faces but it was a fantastic day!


fmckenzie said...

Wow! These paintings look awesome. Mrs Shepherd is a fantastic art teacher. You must have all listened well and watched her very carefully.

Karniaye Rm 20 said...

I like your paintings!

Nelio RM 20 said...

I liked your pictures!

Ernesto Rm 20 said...

I like your paintings. They are really good.

Taylor Rm 20 said...

I like your paintings. You made them very nice.