Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Hat Thinking

We put on our green thinking hats and created these new New Zealand flags after looking at Room Twelve's awesome designs on their blog.
Check out Room 12's designs by clicking here.


Miss Signal said...

Wow! I love how bright and colourful your flags are Summerland Six! I was amazed at the gorgeous colours, they kept me watching right til the end of the slideshow. I hope one of the Summerland flag designs become New Zealand's new flag. We would have the coolest flag by far!

Miss Signal

iLearn said...

Nice flags. - Ellie

I think you have put a lot of effort into the flags you have done. - Imogen

Nice pictures. - Kimberley

You guys are awesome! A lot of hard work has gone into your green hat thinking of your New Zealand flags! - Mr Cunliffe

I think your blog is really cool. - Ally