Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Soccer Skills

Today we had Darren Bazeley from United Soccer One teach us some soccer skills. We had heaps of fun.
Some of the games we played were -
Sky Tower Tag
Shark Attack
Traffic Lights
Cat and Mouse


Miss Signal said...

Great work Room 6! Room 12 also had tonnes of fun at Soccer Skills today. I wonder which game you liked the most?

I will show them your blog asap and I bet they will enjoy watching your movie. Keep up the great blog posts! :)

Miss Signal

SummerlandPrimaryR22 said...

you have a best move in the wolid Room 22 tamir

Anonymous said...

Wow! That video was really cool!

Farah & Sahville rm22

SummerlandPrimaryR22 said...

WOW!You guys are good as at soccer.And your Way better than me. -Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

Cool ! soccer is fun!

Anonymous said...

the soccer skills was so fun.I liked shark attack the best

sam room 22

Anonymous said...

Hey I think that your slidshow was AWESOME! Great work room 6! You guys are awesome at playing! It sounds really fun! My class had heaps of fun to! I liked all the games the best! you rock room 6! great job!

Tori-Grace :)

alex in nz said...

it looked like cool and exciting.

Room 10@Pt England School said...

Kia Ora Room 6,
We enjoyed watching your movie about soccer. We hope that we can play those games too. They look like a lot of fun.

From Room 10@Pt England School

Anonymous said...

shark attack was the funest

Anonymous said...

Hi Summerland school, i loved watching your video ,it was so cool! i'm glad that you all had lots of fun, i really enjoyed coming to help you play some soccer games, from Darren Bazeley, united soccer 1

Anonymous said...

i like the vodio